You might be a Conservative if……

by Alex Ritz

….you believe in…..

  1. Liberty – defined by Webster as “the quality or state of being free”. This is how we are accustomed to living in the United States but prior to the gathering of a few brilliant minds in Philly, this was a foreign concept. The world was and still is today, predominantly run by despots and dictators. These dictators live in fear of individual liberty and crush it at any opportunity.

  2. Individualism – The idea that the individual is important and has the ability to apply their God given talents and intellect to succeed without the assistance of government. Conservatives celebrate the ability of individuals to adapt, overcome and achieve more on their own than any government could provide.
    Democrats and liberals don’t believe in the individual, they believe in government. From their perspective, individuals lack the mental firepower to make the right choices in life. Government has the answers and can solve the problems of the individual. This is clearly evident throughout history where liberal social programs (i.e. the war on poverty) designed to help the downtrodden actually produced the opposite result.
    By providing for the needy, these programs sapped the individual initiative and creativity from the very people they purported to help.

  3. Limited government – Conservatives believe in what the Founding Fathers wrote. That the Constitution contains the words “We the people” and “governments derive their power from the consent of the governed” because government is not the final authority, rather “We the people” are. The government is in place to provide certain amenities to the governed such as national defense. Limited government has a very definite role to play and is required but here again, democrats and liberals see government as the place to address societal woes. They see the haves and have nots and attempt to rectify this inequality among the citizens through the application of taxation. The more taxes they can levy on citizens, the more they can redistribute wealth to the “needy” in an attempt to eradicate inequality.

  4. Original intent with regard to the Constitution – Conservatives believe that the Constitution should be interpreted as was originally intended. That it is not a living document.

  5. A Strong Military – A strong military is vital to national security and longevity of our nation. Conservatives understand the necessity of a strong military and believe that the United States, as the world’s sole super power, is a strong deterrent to any country wishing to do harm to innocent people around the world.
    Democrats and liberals look at the military power that we possess and feel guilty about it. They don’t believe that it’s right for the U.S. to be the lone super power and feel as though there should be other powerful nations in order to establish a balance of power.

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