Obama’s Greatest Hits

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For those of you who may have missed all of the precious audio and video of our “fearless leader” during the campaign, we’ve put this page together with some of Obama’s most outstanding moments (that were ignored by the media, of course) to show you what our man-boy President really thinks.
We have also added a few that have taken place since he took office just to give a flavor of what some of his supporters are like.

Due to the fact that there are so many video and audio clips, we’ll be adding to this page over time as we comb through the clutter to find the ones that really expose the true Obama. Enjoy.

Obama in Action

Obama in Action

I believe that the first video in our line up, exposes Obama for what he really is: A low rent, angry political huckster.

In the next lovely video, our precious leader discusses climate change and cap and trade. Notice how empathetic he is toward the people that will be affected by the “skyrocketing prices”.

In the next video, we see a wide eyed Obama learn a little history. When you lower taxes, revenue to the government goes up. Based on the physical response by Obama, he is a bit surprised by this but it is not his concern. He is concerned with “Fairness.” I’m not sure what part of the Constitution this “Fairness” nonsense comes from but please forward it on if you know.

In this next video…..Lies, All Lies!

This next clip really speaks for itself. If Obama had his way, all of the citizenry of the United States would be like this….dependent on him.

and a comical one that shows the level of “hope” that existed for our young, strapping President.

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