Rhode Island and gay marriage

by Alex Ritz on May 18, 2012

On May 14th Gov Lincoln Chafee, the Democrat gov of Rhode Island, signed an executive order that directs state agencies to recognize marriages performed out of state as legal and treat homosexual married couples the same as heterosexual ones. This is troubling.
Put aside for a moment your views on gay marriage and whether you support it or not.
That’s not the issue here.
The question here is whether the democratically elected Governor believes in a government of the people, by the people and for the people? Does he believe in the democratic process or does he believe that a small group of so called elites should decide these issues for “the masses?”
Based on the fact that he signed this order, I can only surmise that the answer is the latter.

Governor Chafee completely bypassed the democratic process and did what he wanted to do. He didn’t let the democratic process play out and allow the voters of Rhode Island to decide if they want to recognize gay marriage. He simply did it for them.
To make matters worse, Mr Chaffee ignored the history surrounding this issue in his state. In 2011, the state Legislature was forced to abandon a bill that would have recognized gay marriage in Rhode Island due to fierce opposition.

He signed the order anyway.

Let’s hope the good people of Rhode Island have the good sense to show Mr Chaffee the door the next time he’s on the ballot.

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