Julia – Individual liberty vs. Govt control

by Alex Ritz on May 5, 2012

This week the Obama campaign released a slide show following a fictional woman named Julia throughout her life. In it, the Obama camp attempts to explain how great it would be for Julia to live in an America where government is helping her through every phase of her life starting at age 3.
Aside from being really creepy, this slideshow really reveals the true intent of the left. They want to be a part of every decision in every Americans life from birth until death. If you haven’t seen this creepy deck, check it out here:

Julia – Creepy Obama Vision – Zero choice, one size fits all

In response to the aforementioned creepy deck, The Heritage Foundation created their own deck in response. In their vision of Julia’s life, she has her individuality restored and has the ability to make her own choices throughout her life. Imagine that.

Julia – Individual Freedom and Choice

It’s interesting how revealing the Obama deck is. It shows just how much control and lack of choice the left would like to institute. I’m sure that wasn’t the intent of the creators but that’s the message that was conveyed to me. I’m pretty confident that in their view, the vision they outline is as close to utopia as you can get.

For a group of people who claim to be so “pro-choice”, their vision of America sure has a lot LESS choice in it.

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